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Cast And Crew Filming Sona
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120 cast and crew members are filming the season 2 finale. Here is the whole article.

Because producers of the hit Fox drama want to keep the story line on the lam until the “Prison Break’’ season finale airs April 2.

About 120 cast and crew members of “Prison Break” are in Pensacola, filming segments for the Season Two finale at Pensacola Beach.

Producers are coy about the details but confirm that filming will take place somewhere on the beach Monday through Wednesday.

“We needed to come to, for a lack of a better term, a tropical environment for the last three days of shooting this year,” said producer Garry Brown, who arrived in Pensacola on Saturday.

“I wanted to go close to Dallas, where we shoot Season Two. And we knew that at the western tip of Florida there are white-sand beach areas that are attractive and beautiful turquoise waters.”

Brown won’t give away any details of what is being shot in Pensacola or how it fits into the show’s serialized format. He won’t even reveal the episode title. And the locals being hired are sworn to secrecy.

“We try to be so careful about our scripts and where the story in going,” Brown said. “But I’ll tell you, the audience can expect another dramatic cliffhanger that takes it into a new realm of ‘Prison Break’ and the conspiracy.”

“Prison Break,” which debuted in August 2005, tells of a man who was sentenced to death for killing the brother of the vice president, a crime he didn’t commit. His brother concocts an elaborate plan to get himself jailed in the same prison to help his brother escape.

Season One focused on the escape, while Season Two has focused on the fugitives on the run. The stars of the show are Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell and Robin Tunney.

Besides just being cool, the Pensacola visit also is an economic boost for Pensacola and Pensacola Beach, said Tom Roush, film commissioner for the Pensacola Area Chamber of Commerce.

“They’re disbursed at a lot of the hotels,” Roush said. “I know a lot of them are at the Hilton (Garden Inn). I know they’re hiring local people for different jobs (including makeup, catering and show extras). I think, in the short term, what this means is that a lot of money will be spent here in a short period of time.”

In the long-term, the shooting could offer exposure and more production opportunities, Roush said.

“They end up documenting the beauty of the state and our area,” Roush said. “And that could bring more (production) in the future.”

One local company benefiting from the visit is the Gulf Breeze-based Izon Models and Talent, which is supplying about 20 “extras” to the production crew.

“We’re doing all the casting for the extras they need to hire,” said agency director Rebecca Taylor. “This is a big deal for Pensacola to have this kind of production here. These kinds of things don’t come through that often. And the show is big. It’s one of Fox’s biggest shows. So this is huge and I hope it brings more production back this way.”

Taylor said she couldn’t divulge the types of people or roles cast because even that information could tip off fans as to where the story line is going.

Brown had never visited Pensacola before scouting the area earlier this year.
“Everyone here has been so cooperative,” he said. “It’s been a welcome pleasure.”

The producer said he and his crew have been able to find almost everything they need to complete the filming.

“I’m excited about the white sands, but I would have liked a little more topography, a little more palm tree jungle closer to the shoreline of the water, and we weren’t able to find that. But pretty much everything else has been great.’’

“Prison Break” fans are thrilled to have their show in Pensacola, but they wonder where the show is going.

“What are they doing at the beach?” asked Brandi Donovan, 26, of Pensacola. “Where is it supposed to be? Is it going to be Pensacola, or is (Pensacola) supposed to be someplace else?”

Donovan said her boyfriend got her interested in the show last year.

“It’s gritty,” she said. “I just like the characters. It’s really exciting.”

Source: Pensacolanewsjournal

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