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Dominic Purcell Interview
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Three is the magic number

If Fox River whetted your appetite and the escape’s getting you all hot under the collar, you’re in for a treat. The answer to the question on everyone’s lips is YES, there is a third series in the pipeline. Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring and executive producer Matt Olmstead have been having clandestine meetings with Fox television executives and are concocting thrilling new storylines as we speak. Scheuring swears on his old Scout badge that it’s shaping up to be “a show unlike anything ever seen on TV before.” But what series three has in store for Michael and Lincoln remains a mystery – the producers are keeping it zipped. Who knows which characters will make it back…

The drugs don't work

We’ve all seen Agent Mahone choking back pills in times of trouble, but what’s his poison? We had a peek at the label and it’s doesn’t sound pretty. “Midazolam contains hypnotic, anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant and sedative properties. When administered orally, the ability to form memories may be lost. High potency and the quick acting effects limit this Schedule IV controlled substance to hospital administration only.” The mad-eyed agent is hooked on this incredibly potent drug, and we doubt very much he consulted his physician before taking it. Midazolam keeps Agent Mahone focused and alert when Michael’s running rings around him and, most importantly, it numbs the guilt of burying Oscar Shales under his patio. Enough so, in fact, that he could kill again…

Have you seen these men?

In between dodging psychopaths, FBI agents and murderous conspiracies, the Prison Break guys have somehow found time to work on other film projects…

If you’re missing Peter Stormare, who played the valiantly deceased John Abruzzi, you won’t have to look far. You can catch him in Anamorph or Unknown, and he’s currently shooting the thriller Straight Edge.
William Fichtner, AKA Agent Mahone, has been letting off steam with something a little lighter – working alongside cult comics Will Farrell and Jon Heder in Blades of Glory, a comedy set in the slippery world of Olympic ice skating.
Rockmond Dunbar, who plays C-Note, has been flexing his brain cells co-producing and starring in the indie-feature Dirty Laundry. The film is currently going down a storm at numerous film festivals and won the Blockbuster award for Best US Feature at the American Black Film Festival.
Big up to Robin Turney, who played Veronica Donovan – she won Best Actress for her performance in Open Window at the Boston International Film Festival. She also recently starred opposite Ben Affleck and Adrian Brody in Hollywoodland.
Last but not least, Prison Break writer/co-executive producer Nick Santora spent his hiatus writing The Punisher 2 for Lionsgate. He’s also the creative genius behind the hit reality series Beauty & The Geek.

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