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What's gonna happen to Dr. Sara Tancredi now that Sarah Wayne Callies is pregnant? Will they write it in?

Good Q, and I have a direct answer from Sarah, who is pretty sure Tancredi won't be preggers. "She may want to [have a baby], but since the entire series so far has taken approximately seven weeks, I think we would be well into season 15 before she ever delivered. Certainly at this point, if Sara delivered a baby, it wouldn't be Michael's. I think what's probably going to happen is I will have the baby over what would be an extended hiatus for me, and return later in the season when there's a little less of me to love." Awww...

Who's gonna die on Prison Break?

Check out my new Vine show for one casualty. I'm also really concerned about Agent Kellerman since his alter ego, Paul Adelstein, was cast on the Grey's spinoff. (Though, I must admit, I'm a little excited to see him there. Maybe his real-life wife, Liza Weil from Gilmore Girls, can guest star!)

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