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Prison Break News Roundup
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Here is some of Prison Break latest news. There are a few spoilers in here.

Lane Garrison gave a statement to People magazine this week about the fatal accident for which he's been charged with manslaughter.

"I pray every day for all the families involved." said Garrison. "I realize I will live with a sense of guilt for the rest of my life." He will return to court on April 11 to enter a plea.

Wentworth Miller gets loads of fan mail from real prisoners, mostly asking him for autographed photos of himself. Because they love him so much? Well, sort of. "Apparently, a signed head shot from one of the 'Prison Break' cast members will get you a packet of cigarettes on the black market behind bars!" says Miller.

Prison Break: the book? Yes, indeed. Prison Break: The Classified FBI Files will be released in May. It's not a novelization, but rather a collection of "files" kept by the FBI on the fugitives and the chase to catch them.

Among the "classified and highly sensitive information" in the trade paperback book are profiles of all of the characters on the show, photos and analysis of Michael's tattoo, floor plans of the prison at Fox River, and details of the escape plan from Season One. It also includes items seen on the show like photographs belonging to the characters, news clippings, and the documents the FBI found on Michael Scofield's computer.

The author of the book, Paul Ruditis, has previously published similar books on Buffy, Angel, Star Trek Voyager, Queer As Folk, and Charmed, among others.

Will the book contain anything new for rabid Prison Break fans? Doubtful; although it promises an "update on the manhunt," the time it takes to get a book in print probably means you'll have read any hot news here on the internet long before you get your hands on the book.

Will we ever see Michael Scofield's tattoo again? Yes, says Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring. At the recent Paley Festival, Scheuring told the audience that the tattoo is not quite finished playing its part in the plot just yet. Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Sara Tancredi, joked that the Prison Break audience didn't so much want to see the tattoo itself as "Wentworth with his shirt off!"

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