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Patricia Wettig is reprising her role as duplicitous President Reynolds --- and this time she'll be in the flesh.

Source: Ask Ausiello At TV Guide

In Chicago, Michael has an encounter with President Reynolds (Patricia Wettig), and Sara has one with Mahone while C-Note performs his part of the bargain with Mahone. At the Mexico City airport, Bellick spots T-Bag while on his way to track down Sucre. Maricruz: Camille Guaty. Terrence Steadman: Jeff Perry.

Source: TVGuide Online

As Kellerman prepares for an assassination, Michael is determined to confront the President and expose her secrets recorded on the audiotape. Mahone plays a tense waiting game with Sarah. T-Bag’s lost luggage may prove a windfall for Bellick and Sucre. C-Note’s drastic actions leave him hanging. Guest Cast: Patricia Wettig as President Caroline Reynolds; Jeff Perry as Terrence Steadmen; Reggie Lee as Bill Kim; Camile Guaty as Maricruz Delgado; Jason Davis as Wheeler; Barbara Eve Harris as Lang; Kevin Dunn as Cooper Green; Karl Mekinen as Derek Sweeney.

Source: FOX

Lincoln hides near a warehouse, checking out some workers at work. Lincoln is interested in an old neighborhood friend: Derrick Sweeney, a dirt bag. When Derrick is alone, Lincoln goes to chat with him. Lincoln asks Derrick to hook him up with someone. Derrick eventually meets with Lincoln again and gives him three tickets... Tickets for what?

Source: SpoilerFix

"I'm doing an episode where I'll be on screen, and I believe it's a scene with Wentworth Miller, who plays Michael. I have not seen the script," [reveals Patricia Wettig.]

Source: TVGuide Online

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