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Upcoming Episode Spoilers 03/17
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Here's another upcoming episode summary, we now have episode descriptions for "Sona"


In Chicago, Michael and Linc make it out of town on a freighter bound for Panama, but Sara can't get to the ship; and the FBI works a deal with C-Note for his testimony against Mahone. In Mexico, Bellick and Sucre become unwilling partners in the hunt for T-Bag (and the $5 million)

Source: TVGuide

Sarah weighs sacrificing herself in order for Michael and Lincoln to set sail to freedom; T-Bag's reign of terror continues south of the border as Bellick forces Sucre to track down the missing money; Mahone's actions finally catch up with him; and an escapee finally tastes freedom.
Guest cast: Reggie Lee as Bill Kim; Cynthia Kaye McWilliams as Kacee Franklin; Helena Klevorn as Dede Franklin; Jason Davis as Wheeler; Barbara Eve Harris as Lang; Kim Coates as Richard Sullins; Leon Russom as Pad Man.

Source: FOX


Michael is determined to stop T-Bag's reign of terror; Lincoln and Mahone square off; Sucre races against time to help Bellick; Sarah faces hard time; and Kellerman decides his end game. Guest Cast: Tina Holmes as Kristine Pace; Callie Thorne as Pam Mahone.

Source: FOX


Michael races against the clock to rescue Lincoln and beat Mahone at his own end game; Sucre risks his life to save a missing Maricruz; Kellerman’s testimony at Sarah’s trial proves deadly; and T-Bag and Bellick find themselves up a Panamanian river. Guest Cast: Reggie Lee as Bill Kim; Callie Thorne as Pam Mahone; Wilbur Fitzgerald as Bruce Bennett; Mark Harelick as Marty Gregg; Leon Russom as Pad Man.

Source: FOX

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