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Now that we have alot more spoilers for future episodes, here is what's to come. New spoilers are in BOLD.

Episode 20, "Panama":

In Chicago, Michael and Linc make it out of town on a freighter bound
for Panama, but Sara can't get to the ship; and the FBI works a deal
with C-Note for his testimony against Mahone. In Mexico, Bellick and
Sucre become unwilling partners in the hunt for T-Bag (and the $5

Creepy T-Bag will have Chi Chi, in episode 2.20, not only look like Susan but also act like her, making Chi Chi play house with him.

There are no plans to kill her off..i am just trying not to give too much away..as for giving herself up..i will say that she is being followed to so she can lead them to mike and linc, she realizes this and stops and lets mahone catch up to her.......so mike and linc can get away......thats all i'm saying on that

[Sara] is being followed to so she can lead them to mike and linc, she realizes this and stops and lets mahone catch up to her.......so mike and linc can get away.....

Lets see what can I add...ep 20 begins..right were 19 ends, but then it jumps ahead about a week. ...sara kind of gives herself up so mike and linc can get away.....and there is a reason ep 20 is called Panama.....several different paths will cross in Panama.

Chi Chi post # 2

Well some paths begin to cross again in ep 20..which is called Panama, it looks like there might be some sort of showdown to end the season....
he (padman) does speak in ep 20.....
Mid 20s to early 30s, an attractive Mexican prostitute who speaks heavily accented English, she has a tryst with T-Bag, who has dressed her up to look as much like his lost love, Susan, as possible. But when Chi-Chi breaks the mood to ask for more mo

STORY LINE: Michael and Lincoln wind up in Panama on the brink of a new life, but for Michael, the cost of freedom -- separation from Sara -- has been too dear...

Episode 21, "Fin Del Camino":


is determined to get his hands on T-Bag as much as Bellick is
determined to get his hands on the millions; Lincoln and Mahone square
off; Sarah faces judgment day as Kellerman decides his own fate in the
PRISON BREAK episode “Fin Del Camino” airing Monday, March 26
(8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (PB-221) (TV-14 L)

Cast: Dominic
Purcell as Lincoln Burrows; Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield;
Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre; Wade Williams as Brad Bellick; Paul
Adelstein as Special Agent Paul Kellerman; Robert Knepper as T-Bag;
Sarah Wayne Callies as Dr. Sara Tancredi; William Fichtner as Special
Agent Alexander Mahone.

Sara is in court where she is on trial. Her senior counsel, a man named Marty Gregg, wants to use a tape as evidence but the prosecutor objects as he claims that it is the propaganda tape Michael and Lincoln released to the press and that it was debunked. The lawyer tries to desperately have this tape play as it will exonerate Sara. Will Sara pay for having left the door unlocked and helping Michael and Lincoln in the last few weeks?

a character will try to commit suicide....
michael will team up with sucre and one other person....
bellick will get arrested for murder...
michael and sucre confront t-bag to get the money.......
sara faces trial....
mahone catches up to lincoln..

I'm just going to clarify a few things...it is not sara who tries to commit suicide, and no it is not geary's murder that bellick is arrested for.....i'm keeping quiet for now on who testifies for sara, because there is still stuff you haven't seen yet in upcoming episodes.

Guest Cast: Tina Holmes as Kristine Pace; Callie Thorne as Pam Mahone.

Episode 22, "Sona":

Lincoln is cleared of all charges while he and Michael are in Panama.
Michael goes to jail (Sona).
Michael has the 5 million by episode 22 and tries to bribe Dejesus with $100,000.
The Dejesus character will likely be in the season 3 premiere as well.

Sara gets to Panama in
Episode 22, and is indeed the “pretty girl” referred to in the sides.
She and Michael have a short reunion, but Michael goes back to prison.

Actually i said 8 end up in panama....not prison. but yes sara does get her charges dropped...the people who eventually end up in Panama are MS, LB, FS, AM, BB, TB, BK, ST..i listed them by initials....and they don't all end up there at the same time (Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, Mahone, Bellick, T-Bag, Bill Kim, Sara)
8 end up in Panama, but it doesn't mean they all survive the visit.

Ok I will shed a little light on what happens in ep 22. The name Sona does refer to the prison in Panama. And yes Michael does end up in there, but he is not alone. One character dies in this episode. Two other characters appear to be dead, but won't be revealed if the really are until season 3. Of the four remaining escapees, two are in prison and two are not...obviously one of those in prison is Michael. And Sara gets good news.

DEJESUS- In his 30s, this menacing and armed Panamanian drug smuggler is initially highly suspicious when Michael drops by his hideout in search of a favor. However, when he realizes who Michael really is, and how richly he will be compensated, he's more than willing to cooperate in Michael's ingenious scheme.

CHACO- This 15-17 year old Panamanian kid hangs out on the docks, peddling everything from soda to magic mushrooms. He gives Michael a lead on where to find some drug smugglers.

STORY LINE: Just when it appears that Michael is on the verge of freedom, fate plays a cruel trick that gets him thrown into Sona -- the most deplorable prison in the Caribbean....

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