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With more and more spoilers getting leaked frequetnley, I've made another spoiler summary.

The run begins in March 19's episode of Prison Break, 'Panama'. In this episode we find out what Michael had in mind when he said it was time to disappear and he and Linc attempt to stow away on a freighter bound for Panama. Problem is Sarah cannot get to the ship, and the rumor is she will ultimately sacrifice herself to allow the boys to escape. C-Note gets a nice deal from the FBI in exchange for testifying against Mahone, now can the rogue agent be pulled in? Bellick and Sucre are on
the trail of T-Bag and his five-million.

March 26's Fin Del Camino picks up with Michael determined to put an end to T-Bag's campaign of terror. Lincoln and Mahone will finally face off. Sarah is in some pretty deep trouble and looks bound for hard time with no witnesses to back her up. There is a huge rumor that Kellerman himself will step in to save Sarah, at his own peril. It would make perfect sense for him to go away since he is migrating to ABC to join the Grey's Anatomy spinoff.

April 2nd brings us to the finale and the end of season two for Prison Break. This one is a little light on details but we do know that both Michael and Linc end up in Panama, but Michael is apparently arrested and put into a maximum security prison! Talk about ending where you started off, bet Mike doesn't have a tattoo of this place on his back.

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