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Another from the_man
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1. In the FOX recap of episode 13 we can read than Mahone joined company for money. Is that true, will we see that in season 4? Alex is working as PadMan driver?
Mahone has his reasons for working with The Company...which you will find out in the first episode and no he is not Padmans driver.
2. At the end of season 2 we have seen PadMan in some military facility on Long Island. Is that important?
I do not know..it may come back at some point.
3. Why Bellick is joining white forces to fight against company? Though, he has got nothing to offer and he didn't suffer because of company
Well because of everything The Company did...led to the escape which led to Bellick losing his job and winding up stuck in Sona...so it would be fair to say that he has some grudge against them....also maybe he feels bad for the brothers and wants to help.

source: the_man for PBelite.org via foxriverrestort

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