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Speedy wrote: Can you tell us a little more about Wyatt? Does he work for Gretchen or has he a higher position inside The Company and thid way a potential rival for her?
"The_Man: Wyatt works for the company....and reports to Padman..he is an assassin and he is very very good at what he does.

Quote: Can you tell me anything about C-Note, and if he'll be returning.
The_Man: C-note is enjoying life in witness protection and i doubt he will return, but you never know

Quote:Ok The_Man: Why was McGrady in prison? Is that ever going to be revealed? Can't hurt to know since apparently his storyline is over.....
Also, what is going to be the center of the story this season.....I'm curious to know...

The_Man: You know I don't remember why McGrady was in prison, I was thinking that it was told, but I don't remember, I will try and go back and look when I get a chance.

The center of this season....will be the attempts at bringing down the company....."

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