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Even more from the_man. Most of questions are based of latest TV promo.

vague: What is so important in the safe of US treasue departament that A-team is trying to stole it? Could this thing begin the end of the company or destroy it once and for all? This "breaking in to safe" is title "breaking in" from official FOX season 4 synopis?
the_man: you will have to watch to find out...some things i will not say.

vague: For how many episodes will Mahone wear this awful hat?
the_man: i've seen him wear a couple different hats so far....which one are you refering to...i would say that he won't be wearing a hat all the time.

vague: Who are they? New characters? And why they are on a desert? (i'm asking about this scene)
the_man: the 2 guys in the desert are T-Bag and another person. they are in the desert because it is a long walk from pananma to the US through mexico

vague: Sucre and Bellick. Why they are escaping?
the_man: they were spotted by the police..if i remember correctly

vague: Who is they guy Lincoln is beating up?
the_man: A guy who works for The Company

vague: Why Mahone is so angry? His family has been killed?
the_man: Maybe he is tired of the company and everything it has done.

vague: From how many episodes are mentioned above scenes from trailer?
the_man: the first 2 episodes

Source: the_man for PBelite.org via FoxRiverResort

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