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Some more Q&A with The_Man
Will we find out more about Susan's motives? Per example, is the Sara-story going to change a little from our perception about Susan?
I think you will mostly find out that Susan/Gretchen is not as smart or as good as she thinks she is.

What is the motive of return Bruce. Is he will help Sara in liberation from hands of company?
You will find out why Bruce is there in the first episode.

How quickly will T-bag realize that he has got so valuable thing, I'm talking about Whistler's book.
T-Bag is very aware of what he has and how important it is.

How much will be Jason Lief important in this season?
You will hear about Jason Leif this season....thats all I can tell you .

I have a little question about Sucre. I heart that Amauro Nolasco apparently said that he will have some physical transformation. Is Sucre going to use a beard or something?
I'm not really sure what he meant by that. Well I have a small idea, but i'm not going to reveal it at this point.

Is LJ in any episodes past the first one and is he a part of the "A-Team"?
So far LJ is just in the first episode so no he is not part of the "A-Team."

We've seen first season 4 TV spot today. At the end Michael is saying to someone "This is for Sara" and then we can see black screen and shot noise. Who was standing in front of Michael and does he really shoot this person [I'm assuming that no, but just want to be certain]
All I will say is that he is pointing the gun at a familiar character, but he does not shoot this person.

The_Man:- LJ is fine....

For three seasons of Prison Break writers shows us that Lincoln is not as smart as his brother. But how will they explain his mistake about head in the box? Won't Lincoln's character lose credibility because of that?
Some people may not like how it is explained, but if most people were in the same situation, they probably would have reacted the same way...so no I don't think he will lose his credibility.

I have read the following description:
"Sara is in a bar getting drunk." I would appreciate if you can determine whether it is correct or not.

I don't think she was actually drunk, but the rest of that is correct from ep 404

On many scenes during the past seasons we saw that Michael felt a lot of remorse because of all the innocent people that died indirectly in consequence of his actions. Does this mean that his scruples will put his plans in this season in danger or will we see a more ruthless Michael?
The death count is going to go a little higher so Michael will have that continuing to weigh on his mind. This could cause him to have some conflicts with himself when it comes to how he should deal or react with certain people. He wants to get back at The Company for what they have done, but he still feels responsible for all the people that have died because of him trying to save his brother. As the list continues to grow, the harder it will be for Michael. Lets see did I even answer your question, I think you will see Michael go back and forth. He may have ruthless intentions, but he may be unable to pull them off.

Michael will reveal that Sara is still alive by himself or someone is going to tell him about it?
A little of both.

Will anybody from characters fighting against company stay in Panama? I'm wondering whether whole action and characters will move to US or there will be some staying in Panama.
Eventually they will all end up in the United States.

Is it also true that 2 familiar characters will be leaving sooner than we thought? Whistler included? Or are they just going to get a new actor to play him?

Yes it would appear to be that way.... and no they are not getting someone else to play Whistler.

Are they still planning for introducing the Molly character or did they already gave up that idea?
I haven't heard anything about Molly in a long time so I would for now assume that she has been dropped.

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