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Is there a way, that we will could see, how Sara’s character was affected by the incidents she had to pass through, when she was kidnapped?
You will see a little bit.

Will there be some tension between Michael and Sara? I mean Sara will be probably affected by what hapened to her.
She will be affected a little bit, but there won't be a lot of tension between them.

On this site it says that the actress Sasha Alexander will play in "Scylla" a character called Shannon Andersen. On the comment section from that site, someone says that the source is questionable because it from IMDB. Can you confirm us if this spoiler is true? And if yes, who is Shannon Andersen?
I haven't noticed a character by that name so I don't know who she is, unless she was added later....or a character could have had a name change, which does happen from time to time.....It does not sound familiar to me but I can't confirm if it is true or not, since like I said, a few things could have been changed.

Can you tell us what "Scylla" refers to? I mean: I know Scylla was the one of the two monsters in Greek mythology.. But how is it connected with events in the 1st ep.? Is there something about phrase: "between Scylla and Charybdis"? Or.. something else? And please: tell us ANYTHING about it, not only: "you'll have to watch"
You'll have to watch...... but I will tell you that it refers to the six heads of Scylla.

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