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Question: So - my idea is: 6 heads refers to "A-Team" (1. Michael 2. Lincoln 3. Sarah 4. Sucre 5. Bellick 6. Mahone) Is that correct? JUST: Yes or no?
The_Man: no that is not correct

Question: will we find out what Linc did with the head in a box? and will The Company threaten Sucre's baby?
The_Man: i think he mentions it and so far the company has not threatened the baby

Question: Is Sofia going to be still a main character?
The_Man: she will be like LJ's character in season 3

Question: I wish someone who ask The Man whether we'll be seeing a flashback to the initial kidnapping of Sara and her encounter with Gretchen...now that's something I think could be worth seeing...that had how she got away.
The_Man: i think for now you will be told what happened, not shown, but down the road its possible there may be a flashback to show what happened.

Question: Once I read that Michael, Linc, Bellick, Mahone and Sucre( they all) try to fight the Company!
But in the second tailer we saw Sucre with a Baby and I guess it is his Baby? So how is he able to help Linc and Michael although there is a baby?And does he still want to stay away from Maricruz because he thinks he still would ruin her life?

The_Man:....he will figure something out..many people all around the world have babies and are still able to do what they need to do

Question: Why does Lincoln decide to join Michael to take down the Company and how is the dynamic of their relationship in the first episodes?
The_Man: There are events that happen in the first episode that will bring the brothers back together.

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