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Q) How Michael is going to remove his tattoo? In some studio?
A) It will be explained in the first episode

Q) What is the sex of Sucre's baby?
A) I think its a girl....but i don't remember for sure

Q) Is Michael back to prison at some point during the first episodes? Because we heard some weeks ago a strange spoiler about the construction of a huge warehouse on the Fox backlot that apparently will serve as a sort of "metaphorical prison".
A) No Michael is not in prison, that was a badly worded spoiler....all it meant was that the crew is going to spend alot of time in this warehouse that it may feel like a prison to them.

Q) What Happens to MariCruz, does she die?
A) No Maricruz is fine

Q) Can we get a Cast List?
I might give the first one around the beginning of August....maybe i'll do it earlier....

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