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So massive Sona escape happens? What is the first scene of 4.01 "Scylla"? Please, just write a character name and place.
Sort of....I don't want to give it all away so you will have to watch to find out what happens in Sona. As for the first scene....Michael Scofield...Hotel room...Los Angeles.....and he is alone.

Is it a coincidence that Michael and Lincoln have the same clothes in the promo, like on the last episode? Is this scene part from a flashback?
I'm actually not sure...I would say most likely its a coincidence....perhaps that is their favorite thing to wear.

There is this new Spoiler about Gretchen hiding out at her sister Rita's place..and she has a little daughter who thinks that Rita ist her mother. Are we going to get to know more about this story...and maybe the father?
You will get a little bit about it...no word on the father though

Does Whistler or Padman know (or anybody else except Gretchen) know about Rita and the daughter?
Whistler might have...I don't think Padman does....that is my opinion though.

Is Gretchen hiding from the Company (maybe because of Sara) or is she hiding from Linc and Mike...or are there other reason?Maybe she wants to leave the Company but she doesn't want to help the brothers?
Your first choice is the better one

Are we going to get information about Gretchen an her past...how she joined the Company and why?
I'm not sure at this point

Will the Company or maybe the brothers try to use Gretchens daughter as a hostage to threaten her ?
the company might do that if they found out she had a daughter...but with lincoln and mahone as parents, they wouldn't use the child as leverage...even though gretchen used lj against linc and michael

What about the "tomfoolery" they get up to at a horse race? Will the child be injured or maybe worse because of the quarrel the sisters ( Rita & Gretchen ) have with each other ? Gets the Company the chance to put its hands on Gretchens daughter?
the race track scenes and the child scenes have nothing to do with one another..they are separate parts of the story.

Is there a plan that maybe Michael and Linc are gooing to help Gretchen so save or maybe only protect her daughter in exchange for a maybe "special" favour? Maybe some help or information Michael and Linc need to destroy the Company?
so far michael and lincoln do not know about the child...as for the brothers helping gretchen.....for now that seems unlikely

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