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Q) Will we see again a lot of Michael's planning skills this season, like we saw in the first season? Or will he have a more reactive role?
A) yes you will see a little more of the michael from season 1

Q) Now, I have another question. It is about T-Bag. Is he going to help Michael and Linc to fight the company (in terms of being part of the team whether he is forced to help them or not)cause I have the feeling he would rather be with the company. To one he has Whistler's book and the other is the Promo picture....Linc,Michael and Sara are in the middle....on their left side is the team against the company and on their right side is the company including T-Bag. So, is it possible that T-Bag would rather "help" the company?

A) well t-bag is looking for a little vengeance against Michael for leaving him with a knife in his hand which caused him to get thrown into sona, and then leaving him behind in sona. i don't think he is going to be helping the brothers much.

Q) What is exactly the role of Don on the fight against the Company? Is he just the guy who orders Michael & co. to go against the Company. Or will he have himself a very active role like the others?
A) it will be a little of both, but he is more the guy who is telling michael what to do

Q)Will Maricruz be in the first episode ?
A) no

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