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in this season they're all back to the U.S. and go on their storylines,but some guys of the A-Team are still wanted men in the country,will they be chased by others(except the Company),like the police, or will they face the situations which they have to handle with both of them?

They may be chased a little bit. There is a reason why they were all given on offer to work together.

1.)The_Man, will there be some interesting scenes with T-Bag and Gretchen together till now?Will there be scenes just with T-Bag and Gretchen at all?
2.) And does Agent Sullins has scenes with T-Bag if he is coming back?

1. there will be scenes with t-bag and gretchen...if the are interesting or not depends on your opinion when you see them
2. i'm not aware of sullins returning right now.....or i may have just forgotten

Will there be any scenes of T-Bag and PadMan?
together? they each have their own scenes but there haven't been any scenes with the two of them together....so far

can you tell us SOMETHING more about Michael and Sara and their reunion scene ? ANYTHING pls ?!?
there is a scene of them on a bed together.....thats all i am going to say about that

We`ve seen 2 new promos recently . In this pic Lincoln`s saying: "sara is gone" does it mean that sara will disappear again? what did Linc mean by that.
In this pic we see sara and michael - which episode is that scene taken from?

1. the "sara is gone" is from before they find out she is alive
2. i think its from the first episode...possibly the second...i don't remember for sure.

Will we see Hector?
i have no idea.....i guess it could happen at some point

1. When will we see the cast list?
2. What about Westmorland daughter?We see him in 4 season as flashback?Michael will give some money for Westmorland daughter.
3. I heard that "one of the brothers will die". Is it true?
4. Will Michael Scofield kill somebody in this season or not?
5. I heard that T-bag and Susan.B will become a couple. Will they really come close to each other or are they just working together?
6. In new promo we see the new Company guy shooting someone. Who did he shot?

1. august??...
2. i have no idea about westmorelands daughter.....michael doesn't have money to give her at the moment.....
3. anything is possible in prison break....but i wouldn't bet on it
4. michael has changed over the past few seasons....you will have to watch and see how far michael will go
5. i would say mostly working together.....but perhaps they will be drawn together by some odd crazy attratcion to each other
6. i will tell you that it is a male.....although he tries to kill many people this season.....

Here it says that Robin Tunney will appear in "Scylla". Is it true ? I know, IMDB is questionable like a source but... who knows... maybe in a little flashback
she could appear in a flashback, but i don't remember her being in the episode

Will we see Maricruz again this year?
it's possible

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