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I just heard that Michael is going to get some devastating news in episode 4.10 Could you please tell me what that news is or could you tell me if Michael will be OK. Please tell me anything as long as Michael will be OK.
Michael is going to see a doctor in episode 10 to have some tests done. Up to that point you are going to learn a little bit about Michael and that he has some kind of health issue. There is some connection between this condition and Michael and Linc's mother. Michael will be suffering from nosebleeds. Beyond that there is not a whole lot I can tell you at this point.

Will Don bring up some of the people who've died in past seasons that can be traced back to The Company, ex: Veronica,General Zavala, etc. or will he mention past events from the first two seasons at all?
There hasn't been much mention of previous cast members yet, but it could come up in the future.

Source: The Man

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