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Latest from Kristin - Michael and Sara will Kiss
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Marcia in Tallahassee, Fla.: Kristin, what is the latest on Wentworth Miller! I went all the way to San Diego to see him at Comic-Con, and he didn't show, so the least you could do is give me scoop.

Hey, I went all the way to Comic-Con to see you, so now who's feeling dissed? I just hit Prison Break's new Los Angeles set (right down the street from E!, holler!) and learned that (a) it is the former digs of Arrested Development, so naturally, I had a moment, (b) Michael and Sara were playing house(boat) and tonsil hockey—whee!—and (c) the whole A-Team group will hit up Vegas this season in their quest to take down the Company. If you're in Vegas this week, look for Wenty and friends at one of the hip casinos! They're shooting there.

Source: E! Online

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