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vague's questions:

a) click Where is T-bag at this scene?
b) click Who is the guy in front of Michael? Is it Whistler?
c) click They're getting out of plane. Why? Where they are now, after getting out, and where they've been before getting into the plane?
d) click Which episode is this scene from? I reckon that it must be from some late episode coz Michael is not wearing either brown jacket nor black suit.
e) click Where is he heading? Into a ship?
f) click Is that the team office, hiding place given by Don?

a. He is at work.
b. i'm not sure
c. they are all coming together from being in different places to help bring down the company
d. i'm not sure, i don't pay attention to what they are wearing in each episode
e. if i remember correctly i think it is just an industial area
f. yes, something like that

1. "Break in" from trailer and press realease for season 4 is with reference to breaking into company headquarters or into US treasure department safe? I think you can reveal this one at this point.
2. When FOX is going to release solo cast promotional photos for season 4 and promo stills for 4.01 "Scylla"?
3. Why season 4 promotion is so big? Does it mean that FOX is perceiving season 4 as last season?
4. Is there any Sona footage in the first two episodes? Or they just gonna show that T-bag, Bellick and Sucre escaped but we will have to think out how the hell they did it.
5. Will we se Lang, Sullins and Wheeler again at some point?
6. What about Caroline Reynolds. Her storyline is not closed, will we se her again?

1. they have to break into a lot of places this season......but the ultimate goal is to bring down the company by breaking into their headquarters
2. i'm not sure...they have taken them, i don't know when they will release them.....it should be soon though
3. maybe they just want a lot of people to watch..if enough people watch it could lead to a 5th season
4. it will be explained in the first episode what happened with Sona and the 3 guys in it.
5. yes, don't know, don't know
6. it is unknown if caroline reynolds will return to the storyline or not

Source: The Man for PBelite.org via FoxRiverResort

liesbeth_lu's questions:

1.How are the relationships between T-Bag and Trishanne?
2.We know in this season relationship between Mahone and the brothers will be a little bit special, but will Mahone has his own plans,when he wants to get rid of the Company,works with the brothers and tries to run for his life? Whatever,I mean he killed their father anyway...
3.How about Belick? In one promo he said he'd never go back,what's he gonna do with it? Join the A-Team, fight against the Company,and then? How's relationship between him and the brothers?
4.In one promo Mahone mentioned the black book, is that their first step to fight against the Company?

1. could be better, but not as bad as some....yes i know i did't really give you much information with that
2. mahone goal is to be reunited with his family or do whatever it takes to keep them safe....his relationship with the brothers has developed into one of hesitant respect
3. Bellick does not want to go back to Fox River as in inmate....and he is going to help the brothers
4. yes

Source: The Man via FoxRiverResort

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