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Thanks to Damian89 from http://theprisonbreak.net for the heads up.

1.Q: Do we see in 4 season one with this character?:
-Henry Pope
-Nika Volek
A: there are now plans right now to bring him back. Then you should not forget that Paul Adelstein is part of another show, so at this point we shouldn't expect any developpment on this situation. And about Henry Pope and Niki Volek I think that their story is finished a long time ago. Why should they bring them back? There is much more important stuff going on in this season.

2.Q: Why is Lincoln Burrows wearing police clothes in promo 10?
A: lincoln is wearing a cop uniform because he needs to get into a place full of police officers.

3.Q: Agent Don will assist the team, but will the ordinary police still prosecute them ...?
A: Don will help them, as long as they are working with him, they will have some protection from the police

Source: The Man

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