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Is Pam Mahone in danger?
Yes, Pam Mahone ends up in a little danger.

What are the relationship beetwen Michael and Lincoln? Lincoln said in a Promo "When this is all done, we're gonna settle up!" Because the death of Aldo Burrows?
Michael and Lincoln will always have their ups and downs, they are brothers, I think the settling up reference was for Mahone....In a promo, the person a character is talking to might not be the actual person they are talking to on the show. Promos are edited together to be fast and only give you a little look.

Is T-Bag going to be as bad in 4 season as in season 2?
It is hard to say, T-Bag does what he needs to, to survive. If it means playing nice a little bit, then he will. He will be more like the old T-Bag than he was in season 3.

As for Michael, how will he react when he learns that Sara is still alive? How will he behave, when for the first time from a few months he sees the woman with which so much he fell in love?
Michael will be shocked to learn that Sara is alive, he might not want to believe it at first. But eventually he will track her down and the two of them will still be kind of surpsrised to see each other.

The paper rose that LJ gave back to Michael - will it be addressed somehow in the first episode? Is it kinda important or at least will has some symbolic meaning for these two early on?
Its been a while since i looked at the first couple episodes, but i think Michael either shows it to her or gives it back to her.

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