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The Man on Sucre and Low Latent Inhibition
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Will Sucre be in danger from Augusto as well as The Company? (Augusto is the guy who had Sucre smuggle drugs into Sona).
No, I don't think Sucre will be in danger of Augusto finding him. If he can stay hidden from The Company, I'm sure he can stay hidden from a Panamanian Drug dealer.

How will Sucre know his baby is born?
He will go to the hospital and see his baby.

Also, when Sara goes to Michael's Psychiatrist and finds out about the LLI (Low Latent Inhibition) and then he says, "Well maybe you don't know Michael Scofield." Was that the end of the conversation or was there more about Michael that may come out?
There are some things about Michael that Sara doesn't know that she will begin to find out and they could relate back to what the Psychiatrist said.

Some of the casts that were in Las Vegas shooting in Planet Hollywood were Linc, Sara, Sucre and Roland. These scenes are for episode 7. The rest of the casts was in LA shooting episode 8.

Source: The Man

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