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The Man on A-Team, Mahone, T-Bag and Gretchen
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vague: Can you tell us more about A-team warehouse? Is it possible to be found by the company, where is the warehouse localized.
The Man: It is set up from them to work out of but they are monitored while they are there. Yes, it is possible for the company to find it.

How fast will company find out that Mahone is a dirty agent? I mean, that he is really working for Michael.
The Man: The Company will be after Mahone because he was working with Whistler and Gretchen.... it will be by the end of the season premiere.

According to 408 sides Gretchen and T-bag have got some kind of immunity given by Don. What is it about?
The Man: You will have to watch episode 408, it's a bit much to explain it all here.

Source: The Man via BuddyTV for PBelite

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