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Prison Break Preview 1
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My name is Michael Scofield.
I'm a fugitive.
Three weeks ago I was incarcerated in a Panamian prison.
While I was there I was approached by The Company, a corrupt organization involved in all levels of industry, the government.
They gave me two options, break one of their men, James Whistler out of that prison or they would kill the only one I have ever loved, Dr. Sara Tancredi.
I help out my hand and broke Whistler out.
The Company, they killed Sara anyway.
I don’t know why The Company wanted James Whistler out of the prison but I’ve tracked them here to Los Angeles.
He’s with an agent I know only as Gretchen, the same agent who murdered Sara.
It ends today.
I will seek the justice that I now know the system cannot provide.
So if you’re reading this letter, you’ll know I die revenging Sara’s death.

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