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Prison Break Preview 3
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Lincoln: Come on babe, I hate… I hate it, you know that.
Sofia: I tried your chili burger.
Lincoln: Chili… chili burger? You loved the chili burger.
Sofia: OK. I’m gonna make my mom’s special recipe.
Lincoln: Your mom’s special recipe?
Sofia: You’ll love it.
Lincoln: Really?
Sofia: Yeah… you’ll love it.

Lincoln: Let’s get out of here. Let’s go. Give me your hand.
Sofia: I…I…
Lincoln: L.J!
Sofia: Lincoln?

L.J: Dad! We’re safe now. Relax.
Lincoln: Nah… I saw someone. Looks like The Company. I’m sure of it.
Sofia: Let’s just go, OK? Let’s go. We’ll… we’ll be fine.
Lincoln: Alright then.
Sofia: Yeah.
Lincoln: OK. Let’s go.

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