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When Mahone's wife is in danger or maybe even killed (it was told earlier that someone's going to die in the first episode(s)), will we see Agent Lang at this occasion? Is that his revenge for Mahone's escape and missing loyalty to The Company?
No, Mahone contacts Lang to ask for something.

Michael's special ability to make plans, etc. have something to do with his childhood. Will we maybe learn that The Company -his Dad worked for them- had an impact on him when he was a child?
I'm not entirely sure how that story line is going to turn out, but you are going to learn a little bit more about Michael and his mother.

There are so many story lines up to now in the fourth season. Will they somehow respond to each other and lead to ONE big ending or will they all end separately without having any connection than just the revenge and bringing down The Company?
I don't know how all the story lines will be resolved in the end. Some will be resolved along the way and others will be solved at the end and of course if there ends up being another season, there would have to be questions that still need answering. So ultimately it kind of depends on how the season goes.

It's also been revealed that T-bag isn't on as bad of terms as you'd expect with Michael. At least, the line "Who needs luck when I've got friends like you fellas?" seems to display some form of friendly association. Although, that could just be T-bag being T-bag.
I would just say that in the promos you are not given the whole scene or all the information. That particular line by T-Bag is not said to Michael and the gang, it is said to someone else.

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