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Episode 4.02 Breaking and Entering Recap
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Tonight, Prison Break debuted its 4th season with back-to-back episodes. In "Scylla", the brothers take a deal with a homeland security agent to retrieve a computer card with valuable information to The Company. Michael and Sara are reunited while several people (Gretchen, Whistler, and Mahone's wife Pam) were killed by an assassin named Wyatt.

In "Breaking and Entering", Michael and Lincoln are reunited with Mahone, Bellick, and Sucre. Unfortunately for all of them, they need information out of Whistler's bird book, which is in the hands of T-Bag.

Michael begins to undergo treatments to remove his tattoos and refuses pain medication for it. The next day, Don preps Michael and his group for what they are about to agree to. All will receive freedom if they pull this off but if anyone tries to run, they will receive nothing short of a painful death. Everyone must wear ankle monitors so that Don, and the government, knows where everyone is at all times. The group meets Roland Glenn, a computer whiz, who Don insists joins their team. Michael tells everyone that they need to put their past behind them in order to work together successfully.

After two of T-Bag's coyotes unsuccessfully try to take him out, he is left with just one follower, wandering the Mexican desert. Neither has had water or food for days but T-Bag is hell bent on making it to the states to confront Michael. Michael and his group scope out The Company's headquarters, whose security is air tight. Roland is let in when everyone realizes that he has the ability to steal anyone's identity, credit card information, or computer info using a wi-fi device he invented.

Sucre causes a car accident with members of The Company in order to get close enough to retrieve their data but Roland is unable to obtain any signal. Don tracks down a former member of The Company to get information on Scylla and find out where the decoder box is kept. When T-Bag's last follower tries to kill him, T-Bag strikes back and kills him instead. He throws the dead body onto a fire, presumably to eat it. It's either that - or starve to death.

Sara explains to Michael that Scylla is from Homer's The Odyssey and in the chapter that Scylla is referenced, Odyssius must sacrifice 6 of his men in order to achieve his goal. T-Bag lucks out when he finds two quad riders, heading right for San Diego, who offer him a ride. After dropping a tracking device into the purse of a maid in The Company's headquarters, Roland is able to track the information to a library in the house. Bellick fakes a purse snatch and when Mahone chases him down, the device is gone.

Wyatt discovers that Michael and Lincoln never made it to a prison in Arlington and instead, were bailed out by Bruce Bennett. Michael realizes that he must now get into The Company's headquarters to retrieve Roland's device. They get in, not without complications and an alarm being set off, and get out with the device. Wyatt catches up with Bruce and stabs him with a needle in the neck. T-Bag makes it to the states and retrieves papers from a locker that he broke into. Roland runs into a huge problem with Scylla is totally encripted and they only have a small piece of the information they need. Gretchen is alive - but barely. The Company has her tied to a chair and apparently, plans on torturing her.

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