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Episode 4.1 Scylla Recap
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On tonight's season premiere of Prison Break, Michael Scofield is out of Sona and on the warpath. He begins tonight's episode with a letter, written to an unknown recipient, giving them fair warning that he's about to make The Company pay for everything they've done to him. "It ends today," he promises.

In Los Angeles, he watches as Gretchen and Whistler get out of a limo, driven by Mahone, and head into the Roosevelt Hotel. Disguised as a waiter, Michael heads in to confront the people who took everything from him.

Inside, Whistler makes a deal with a man, giving him $50 million for a computer card that holds secrets valuable to The Company, then kills the people who gave it to him. Michael follows Whistler as he tries to escape and stops him before he leaves. Gretchen heads in to see what's taking so long and as Michael is about to shoot her, she tells him that Sara is alive. The three run outside as the police arrive but Gretchen and Whistler take off before Michael can find out where Sara is.

Gretchen meets with one of her superiors in the desert, who tells her that the card is a duplicate. He brings an assassin, Wyatt, out of the car and Gretchen immediately starts trying to make deals with him to keep her life. Lincoln, Sofia, and LJ are still in Panama and when the brothers connect on the phone, Lincoln tells Michael that Sona has burned to the ground during a prison riot. T-Bag, Sucre, and Bellick are unaccounted for. Michael refuses to meet up with his family until he finds out the truth about Sara.

Michael gets a message on Goldfinch.net that someone has info on Sara. When he arrives at the meeting location, he sees that it is Mahone, sending a message for Whistler, who wants to talk to him. Whistler asks Michael to break into a secure location to retrieve the correct data card. Mahone tells Michael that Gretchen is dead and Whilstler informs him that Sara is in Chicago and in danger. Wyatt pulls up and shoots Whistler in the head as he is talking. Michael and Mahone run for cover while Wyatt retrieves the data card out of Whistler's pocket.

T-Bag heads out after sleeping with Lechero's former girlfriend, the "nun" from Sona, to go after Michael. Meanwhile, in Panama, Lincoln, Sofia, and LJ are stopped in an alleyway by a man who looks to be from The Company. Lincoln immediately attacks him and ends up killing him. The police run in and he surrenders while Sofia and LJ run. Wyatt forces his way into Mahone's home and holds his wife, Pam, hostage to get information out of her. Michael tries to make a call to find out where Sara is but is stopped by police who recognize him.

At the police station, he meets Homeland Security Special Agent Don Self, who offesr him freedom in exchange for retrieving Scylla, The Company's data card, aka their little black book. Mahone arrives home and is stopped by police, who tell him that he doesn't want to go in the house and see what's inside. Sucre and Bellick are stopped at a hospital by police as Sucre meets his daughter for the first time.

Don offers to get Michael everyone he needs in order to complete the operation: Lincoln, Sucre, Bellick, and Mahone. Before they can talk more about the deal, Don informs the brothers that someone posted bail for them, Bruce Bennett. He takes Michael right to Sara and the two run into each other's arms. When they are alone, she shows him the scars she received while being tortured by The Company. Wyatt fires shots into their room and they start running with Lincoln right behind. Michael stops to call Don and tell him that they'll take the deal. It seems The Company won't stop unless they stop them.

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