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Episode 4.12 - Selfless - Casting Call and Plotline
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We've just managed to obtain some details for episode 4.12 which is currently being called "Selfless"

Michael and Lincoln come face-to-face with Pad Man in a showdown at the Scylla Room...

40s, Pad Man's decisive, loyal Head of Security, he studies the security cameras in The Company building and leads a team of agents after Michael and Lincoln, chasing them all the way to the airport. There, he attempts to ensure Pad Man's safety and the safety of Scylla...GUEST STAR (15) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

30s. At the airport, this serious-minded National Guardsman insists on checking Ferguson's bag...3 lines, 2 scenes (43) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

Mid 20s to mid 30s. This cafe waiter "accidentally" spills a plate of food on Lisa and is paid off by Sara...2 lines, 2 scenes (21) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITES

In her 30s, this GATE employee is among the bound and gagged hostages held in the office. At one point, she is manhandled by one of her captors...no lines, but a lot of reactions. sptv050769 SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

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