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Question: Hey, sexy man! I know you usually don't dish much about Prison Break, but any chance you've heard any tidbits regarding our favorite convicted felon and his lady doctor now that they've reunited? -- Andrea
Ausiello: Me? Sexy? I'm blushing! Or I'm drunk! Either way, there's some Prison Break scoop coming your way: Don't get too attached to Michael and Sara, because their (presumably happy) ending may not be that far off. Executive producer Matt Olmstead tells me that he's prepared for the possibility that this could be the show's final season. "There’s a shelf life to serialized dramas," he notes. "If this is the last season, we’re not mourning that because it’s been a great ride and we have a great season [ahead]." Olmstead adds that if Fox does decide to lower the ax, "we’ll definitely have enough time to prepare for an appropriate ending…the season finale we have in mind could play as a season or series finale." Meanwhile, the exec says he's thrilled by the positive reaction to this season's Ocean's 11-esque premise. "We've absolutely been encouraged by the response. It took a while to get the right idea for season 4, and to have the audience supporting it is very gratifying."

Source: EW

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