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vague: What the hell they did with Cameron's body? I mean, he was a white boy! But the autopsy photos makes him black.
it was showing that his body was bruised from being badly beaten.

Source: The Man via FRR for PBelite

DaDave: What do you think about the end at Shut Down? Will wee see more cooperation beetwen Mahone and Lincoln?

yes you will see mahone and lincoln working together.

1.) I'm worried about PB's ratings. Do you by any chance know whether FOX or the PB writers/producers/creators are satisfied so far with the ratings? Do you think there is a chance that FOX might not let PB finish its 22 episode order this season, meaning cancel it? What are the chances for even a season 5 at this moment? I'm LOVING the season thus far. Sara is back, and the episodes are a ton more exciting. And I'd at least want to see the full 22 episode order this year. And does international success for PB in the other countries factor into FOX's decisions? And if it is canceled during the season, can another network pick it up, although it's produced by FOX? Perhaps maybe some online petitions and campaigning might work...assuming the worst case scenario, of course.

2.) Can you give us some hints or small spoilers as to any significant Michael and Sara scenes in the future episodes? I know that we didn't get too much screen interaction with them in episode three. Funnier scenes coming up? Sad scenes? Romantic ones? Any scoop regarding Michael and Sara would be so incredibly appreciated.

3.) I know that you can't confirm huge spoilers such as major deaths and such. But in your opinion, do you think PB creators might end the series with Michael facing a tragic end, as has been speculated and rumored? If the fans organize campaigns like they did for Sara, might that change the minds of the creators(assuming, of course if that is what they intend to do)? I'm sure no one knows yet what will happen in the series finale. I guess my question is whether the fans can do something in advance to keep that from happening? Because after the series finale is done, it is done.

4.) It is my understanding that the writers had originally planned to have Sara play a major role in season three. But then the FOX network didn't want to pick PB up for season three, so the writers had changed the storylines a bit and came up with the "box" situation. So in reality, would you say it was the FOX Network's choice to have that incident happen to Sara in season three?

1. the ratings are lower than previous seasons, but they are good enough to let the season run its full 22 episodes...assuming the ratings don't go down. it is to early to tell for a season 5. as much as PB is a hit overseas and makes the studio money, international viewers are not usually considered when a show is to be renewed. the show needs to make money in the US first before they will sell it. yes it is always possible for another network to pick up a show that has been cancelled. however for PB which seems like it would be in its last year or couple years, it probably wouldn't be a seen as a good investment.

2. they have scenes in every episode, none are huge, but they do kiss here and there...nothing like seeing them in bed though.

3. the producers already know how the show is going to end. i do not. what they don't know is how long it will take to get to that point. it could be this season, it could be next season. in that case i'm not sure it would make a difference if people started a petition. if at the shows end michael does die...there wouldn't be anymore show so viewers wouldn't really miss him anyway.

4. you could say it was the networks fault. the writers turned in their plan for season 3, the network rejected it saying that wanted more motivation for michael so the writers came up with the idea of having sara die around the 13th episode, so she would at least get half the season. well after having her baby, SWC, didn't want to renegotiate her contract for only half a season. they couldn't come to an agreement at the time so they choose to kill her off sooner so they could try and move the story along without her. the box idea was what they came up with to make it seem definate. but then the writers strike happened so the rest of season 3 wasn't made. it was during that break that they decided to bring her back and take the show in a different direction slightly. SWC was approached and agreed to come back. So basically if there hadn't been a writers strike, Sara probably would not have been back.

Source: The Man via FRR

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