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Q. In ep 10 when Michael gets the bad news abt his health, are sara and lincoln there as well?
A. Sara is with him at the hospital to get a test done, but when the doctor calls to give the results sara is the one who answers the phone and has to tell Michael. linc is there but not next to them.

Q. We know that gretchan and Michael will be working together, will they work well together even though they dont wont to?, cos when she offered him a job she was really impressed by his intelliegence and skills?
A. Gretchen and Michael work together out of necessity. he does not want to work with her and does not like her or trust her.

Q. Will we actually get to see a scene in which linc and sara have a convo abt michaels health?
A. Yes you will see sara and linc talk about michaels health... i think there are a couple different scenes in different episodes.

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