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Nick Santora Interview
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Thanks to Tobias from PrisonBreak-News for the following.

Tobias: The season premiere was brilliant! Are you a disappointed of the TV rating (6.48 Million viewers)? Do you think there are reasons for it?
Nick: You always want more people to watch your show, but it was the Labor Day holiday and millions of Americans were still traveling back to their homes when the show was on. Also, the Republican Convention was on and that drew a huge audience. Television viewing was low across the board that night, but we were still the number 1 show of the night.

Tobias: Why is there no intro in Season 4? Are there any special reasons?
Nick: There is an intro - it just wasn't used on premiere night.

Tobias: How much time takes it to write an episode?
Nick: It depends - it usually takes a couple of weeks to come up with the outline and a couple of days to write it ... writing the script is always easier than figuring out the outline (we call it "breaking the story").

Tobias: On witch episode is the team working at the moment?
Nick: We are working on episode 13 right now (writing) and filming episode 10

Tobias: Do you think the motivation of the actors is still as big as at the beginning?
Nick: Of course, our actors are pros.
Tobias: Especially Wentworth Miller- because he said in a few interviews Prison Break should end?
Nick: See my prior answer.

Tobias: Do you believe in a 5th season?
Nick: If you're asking if I believe there will be a fifth season, my answer is that I hope there will be. If a 5th season is ordered, well, that is up to the network. They are our partners in the show and have been a pleasure to work with. If they think PB has finished its run, then we will all respect that decision and move on to our next projects. I hope to work with Fox for a long time.

Tobias: The ABC series LOST has got a big fan base in the internet. The actors, producers and authors do many things for and WITH the fans. You are the only one from Prison Break who takes time for talking with the fans or answering questions on fan boards. Do you think interactive actions such as from the LOST team would be better for Prison Break?
Nick: I don't think it would make a difference.

Tobias: Which is your favorite season of Prison Break?
Nick: It's a toss-up between Seasons 1 and 2.

Tobias: The name Prison Break almost doesn’t match to the stories of Season 4. Do you think this is a disadvantage?
Nick: No, people know what they are watching by now.

Tobias: What do you think about spoiler?
Nick: It think spoilers are stupid, frankly. Fans of shows try so hard to find out what is going to happen and then they post it all over the internet and then they complain that shows aren't surprising. Well, you can't surprise people if the storylines are online. I think it is very lame.

Thank you Nick!

Source: PrisonBreak-News

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