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Episode 4.16 - The Sunshine State - Casting Call
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Filming for this episode takes place between 7th and 19th November.

A psychiatrist in his 50s, who works for General Krantz (Pad Man), Knowlton is in charge of using his skills to probe the mind of a captured prisoner, and is under orders to uncover a secret buried in his mind. Unwilling to use chemicals, the subtle Dr. Knowlton uses a cunning mixture of truth and lies to break down the prisoner's already floor-level spirit, and reveals (for maximum shock value) a startling secret...GUEST STAR (5)

A hot cocktail waitress in her 20s, at The Grafton in Miami, she's pressured by a determined Lincoln to lead him to Erica, one of the other waitresses at the bar. But when Tia sets up a meet, it's just another trap, and she's later revealed to be a catspaw of Scott Carruth; she's a henchwoman who was supposed to lead Linc into a death trap...GUEST STAR (6) SUBMIT CAUCASIAN OR LATINA

In his 50s, Stember is the Harbor Master at the Turnberry Isle marina in Florida. Initially less than pleased to be forced to cooperate with "Homeland Security Agent" Don Self, he reluctantly fingers a certain yacht as possibly belonging to a smuggler. Later, he balks at giving Self and Linc access to his surveillance tapes, but shuts up and gets quietly obedient when a gun is pointed at him...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (25)

30s to early 40s, a trusted aide to a powerful Company bigshot, he sees that she's in some distress and inquires about the phone call that set her off...1 line, 1 scene (51) RECURRING; SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

Mid 30s to early 40s, the hip manager of The Grafton in Miami, he's Tia's boss, and he's going over time cards when Linc questions him aggressively. Wrongly thinking that he dominates the room, Mark winds up swiftly knocked to the ground by Linc.sptv050769..3 lines, 1 scene (6) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

Late 20s to mid 30s, a bartender at The Grafton in Miami, one of Tia's co-workers, Brent tries to get rough when Lincoln decks his boss, and gets a pot of coffee right in his face...2 lines, 1 scene (6) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

In his 20s, a guy in sunglasses at the marina, he gets nervous and tries to flee from a pair of "Homeland Security" agents. But in fact, Ted's not a government hireling who's trying to smuggle Scylla out of the country -- he's just a punk with three joints in his backpack...3 lines, 1 scene (30) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

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