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Thanks to Muy for the heads up.

Question: Could you give me some more scoop on Prison Break? -- Zak
Ausiello: Okay, twist my arm, why don't ya? At Monday's Max Payne premiere, Prison Breaker Amaury Nolasco (a.k.a. Sucre) teased: "Somebody gets killed in episode No. 9... one of us from the group... a regular. And Michael takes it pretty hard because he's Michael." Of course he does. While the actor called talk that this season will be the show's last "just word of mouth at this point," he conceded, "I think it could be a good place to stop." Added Robert Knepper (aka T-Bag): "They have planned out a great way to wrap up all this business with the company."

Question: Loved that Prison Break had Sucre pose as a gay dude. But they kind of left it open just how far he went with that guy's wife. What's the scoop!? -- Roger
Ausiello: Maybe you heard, but we recently spoke with Amaury Nolasco and asked him exactly that. "I think Sucre seriously would have [pooped] his pants thinking he was going up to that guy's room to party," he said. "But I loved the twist that the guy's wife was up there. I don't know what the writers think happened, but I like to think that he stayed faithful to Maricruz. She is the only reason he broke out of prison -- or went to prison, really. Why would he throw it away for only $1,000? I saw Indecent Proposal. That didn't even work out for $1 million!"

Source: EW

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