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Thanks to Damian89 from http://theprisonbreak.net for the following

1. Damian89: Do you have some screencaps or spoilers about Prison Break game? When this game comes up on a PC?
Santora: As of now, it appears the Prison Break video game might not happen - this has nothing to do with the show; it appears there have been changes at the company that was making the game.

2. Damian89: The last question. Season 4 is the last?
Santora: I don't know if we are getting a season 5. some people think that decision is up to the writer and producers. it isn't - it's up to the network. we (the writer/producers) love our network - they have been good to us - so we will just wait and see what happens. if we are back for another season, great. if not, we have had the time of our lives. but for right now, we are just concentrating on making season 4 as good as it can be. We are working on breaking episode 4x17 right now.

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