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William Fichtner Interview
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What it feels like to have a master storyteller like Stephen King gush about "Prison Break" and his acting?
“I know, that was pretty sweet, huh? I had my wife go get a couple of copies so I could send them to my mother. You know, the first thing I thought, I've been such a Stephen King fan for so long. I mean, I love "The Shining" the movie, but the book is – is where it's at and it's nice. It's always nice to be complimented.”

Your character, Alex Mahone has had one of the most emotionally charged storylines this season.
“I love the way the writers, you know, always challenge it makes – it's never a one-note experience for Mahone, ever. I mean, the same was true of last year when we were in Sona, you know, it was the same sort of thing of, you know, falling into the drugs and missing his family and feeling like his whole world was caving in. I, you know, I never had much to say, you know, before each season but when I sit down with Matt Olmstead and our writers, you know, the one thing that I always look at Matt and I say, you know, just, you know, you know, make it challenging, just throw everything at me. It's what – it's what keeps you going, what keeps me going.”

As an actor, the emotional journey he has to make to show Mahone’s feelings of grief and revenge at the same time.
“I wish I could have the ready answer for that one, but I don't know, I don't think of it in terms of – I can never explain it that well, I guess, is what I'm saying, you know. You go through the journey and you, you know, I'm a firm believer that an actor that works on television, especially in a series, you know, if you care about your character and what you're doing and whatever your piece of the puzzle is of that show, you know, by seven or eight shows if the writers want to know about that character ask the actor playing it and, you know, it's all common denominators is what I really think it's all about.”

Do you think Mahone’s quest for revenge has made it difficult for him to grieve?
“Yeah, you know, revenge is a funny thing, you know. It's, I don't know, it's one of those emotions like jealousy, revenge. It's so all consuming that I don't think you can really live and function if you really let it, you know, grip you that much, but Mahone's been around long enough and with his experience, you know, his work experience and his life that I kind of feel like he – he knew the time would come and this was the best way – this was the best position to be in to be ready for when the time came” sptv050769.

Is Mahone’s quest for revenge really more about redemption?
“I think this year is, is different because, you know, the events of Episode 1 and what happens to my family that’s, that’s something that it just clears the slate on everything. I mean I can only imagine that every issue to that point is, is mute. You know? That’s the driving force of ,you know, what could take him down or lift him up or, or ,you know, it’s – the revenge factor is I don’t know ,you know, and the playing of it ,you know, I don’t really think about oh, I got to get revenge on him, I got to get revenge. It’s just a matter of – I don’t know. Revenge seems too calculated. This is – there doesn’t feel like there’s anything calculated about Mahone getting to Wyatt. It’s just a matter of time”

How Mahone would describe Wyatt (actor Cress Williams)?
“Large. He's incredibly large. Cress, he's like a big teddy bear, but, you know, I assign a whole other set of like emotions and – and what I think about him when I see him and that, so – but it's always a joy to work with him, always, and he's a really a real class act and I think he's played the part really, really well.”

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