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Episode 4.15 - DB Cooper/Westmoreland is back
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Thanks to Priscilla from musewatson.com for letting us know that Muse Watson will be back for episode 4.15. Here is a little note from Muse himself whilst he was on the set.

When i arrived at the studio gate at 6 am and was directed to park in the on lot parking structure....it just didn't feel like Prison Break. When i walked down the streets of the city that is Fox Studios...i said to myself ..... this isn't Prison Break. After settling in to my
trailer they asked if i wanted breakfast from the commissary...and i thought... this isn't Prison Break.

Then i saw Wentworth and we hugged each other. This is Prison Break! i told him, "Wentworth, this is Prison Break for sissys." Where is all of the cold and damp and depression that was Joliet? Where is all of the hardship of shooting?

Everyone else was on another location shooting so the entire day was Wentworth and i in every scene and visiting and catching up the stories we had not been able to tell each other for 3 years. It was great. We talked politics and religion with eaze. The eaze of talking about any subject made me miss our talks....and Prison Break.

It was a very long and very hard day of shooting.....but that made me finally feel like i was back on Prison Break.

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