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Episode 4.18 - Snippets
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Thanks to The Caller for the following info regarding some snippets from Episode 4.18.

Michael Forces a small private jet to land by removing a beacon and holding a gun to an Air Traffic Controllers Head
A Sniper tries to take out Mahone
As Linc tries to extract information out of the sniper he gets stabbed and the sniper runs off
Sniper is killed when he runs out into traffic
Sara and Michael grab a Colin Petrovsky into their car and start asking him about a Samantha Richmond. Petrovsky thinks he's being kidnapped but soon realizes that Michael and Sara are not after money. During this time a SUV is fast approaching their car. He repeatedly says that he has no idea who Samantha is and he is just a teacher in town for a conference
A gun appears from the SUV and shoots at Michael and Sara's car causing it to crash.
T-Bag takes a beating from a cop during this episode

Source: The Caller@SpoilerTV

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