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dadave:In the promo, we saw that Sucre attacks someone. Who is this person and why attacks Sucre the person?
In which episode can we see the father of Gretchans daughter?
Padman said "Move Scylla". Is Scylla a programm? Or is it more, bigger than a programm?

i'm not sure who sucre attacks, i haven't seen the promo and i don't remember back that for reading the script who he attaks..sorry.
i don't remember exactly which episode it says who the father is..i think it might be 10.
scylla is all the secret information about the company, part of it is the cards the hold the information, but another part of it is the machine that can read it all.
damien89: The_Man i saw script for 4x16. And answer me for one question.
Michael: The contest of Scylla? That my mother worked for you? Those kind of facts? I'm well aware.
Dr.Knowlton: Worked? You mother works for us, Michael. Your mother is alive.
This is true or false? His mother is still alive?

well since it is a doctor that is working for the company and trying to get information from michael......the doctor may be trying to confuse him. so it could be false...then again it could be true. at this point i am not going to reveal the answer.

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