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Thanks to PBElite.org for sending

Will see Nika Volek in this season ?
Will see Henry Pope in this season

i highly doubt you will see either of them
what episode is filming right now and when do the cast and crew go in hiatus?
i think they are on ep 16 right now. i'm not sure when they are taking a break. i think they may take some time off for the holidays and then film through February.
do the contracts for all the actors end in may or june 09? just curious as to weather or not they end at that point.
that is an interesting question. several of the main cast had 7 year contracts...dom, went. amaury, rob. so they would be locked into the show unless their character is written out of the show. fichtner is year to year so after this season he could leave. i think swc was just renewed for this season....not really sure about the others.
Will wee see or will we know what it means with 10.000 People, Laos and the Company?
i actually do not remember what happens with this.
The man, one more question but do you know weather the recent French interview with Wentworth Miller was true or not? apparently he said this is definitely the final season and even if there was another one he wouldn't want to be a part of it. not sure if its completely fake or not.
i have no idea if the interview is real or fake
The_Man, I recently read that two more episodes have officially been ordered for PB this season, making it a 24 episodes season 4. So does that mean that this is the last season of PB? The articles all say that it is the reasoning behind adding two additional hours. I'm just wondering if you know anything about it.
i'm not sure if it was offically announced if there were going to be 2 more episodes, but that is what they are thinking about doing. and it would most likely be used to end the series. whether or not they will actually do the extra 2 episodes i'm not sure yet, but either way it seems like this will be the last season.

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