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Prison Break in Australia
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Thanks to Damian89 from http://theprisonbreak.net

Prison Break fans are out of luck for three weeks as another show is dropped.

Another US drama has been dropped suddenly from Aussie television guides, this time it's Prison Break on Channel Seven.

After only 427,000 viewers last week, the series has been pushed to summer. Nine recently shafted Fringe, while TEN has done likewise for 90210.

Thankfully in the case of Prison Break, that's not too far off, amounting to three weeks off air.

The reason the show is disappearing can be blamed on another US drama, Heroes.

Last week Heroes had a disappointing 624,000 viewers. Despite promises that the series would be refreshed (and including an Aussie visit by Milo Ventimiglia and Masi Oka), it hasn't managed to hold enough interest. It was beaten by both RPA and a repeat of Law and Order: SVU.

So Heroes is moving to 10:30pm from this week, replaced by a second weekly episode of Bones (thankfully for fans of the procedural crime, the fourth series will begin airing from Monday 10 November).

US serial drama has had a rough year with viewers in Australia. Viewers seem to be preferring self-contained storylines that don't require as much commitment, a far cry from the way Desperate Housewives and Lost could drive up ratings week after week just a few years ago. Ugly Betty was also one of Seven's biggest hits, now it's relegated to summer too.

Prison Break will return in a 10:30pm slot in the week of November 23rd (technically a week ahead of summer) and will continue during non-ratings season.

Source: TV.COM

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