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Lena in London: I love Prison Break! Can you share anything new about what's to come?
How about a fabulous spoiler tip from our friend Sarah in Long Beach, Calif.? She said, "They were filming outside the Aquarium [of the Pacific in Long Beach] and saw Wentworth and Sarah and was able to watch some of the filming. I found a crew call report later with some details about the episode. It was for episode 418, 'VS.' The episode had Michael, Sara, Lincoln, Mahone, T-Bag, Self and two other people named Christina and Downey. In the first scene it says 'Mahone arrives, not Linc. Michael can't believe Mahone will still work for the Company.' So apparently Michael is still alive and with Sara, and apparently Mahone is working for the Company again!" Thanks, Sarah.

Desi in Palm Springs, Calif.: What's to come on Prison Break? Is this the last season?
No word yet on the future of the series, but I can tell you the past continues to haunt the boys. In an upcoming episode, Lincoln tries to get access to information locked in his mom's safe-deposit box, but the bank isn't playing ball unless Linc gets a court order...

Source: E!Online

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