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Prison Break Winter Finale: Can Gretchen and Linc Play Nice?
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This Monday at 8 pm/ET, when Fox's Prison Break stages its annual midseason finale, the prospects for "Operation Scylla-Snatch" perhaps have never looked so bleak. Having gotten a hold of Michael and blackmailed Linc to do their bidding, the Company saddles Burrows with a most motley crew of accomplices: Gretchen, T-Bag and disgraced federal agent, Don Self.

Can't these assorted archenemies just get along? "I think the Company is asking for trouble," Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Gretchen) tells TVGuide.com. "Putting these people together in one room and telling them to work toward one common goal? I don't think anybody is going to remain on one side for long."

After all, while Lincoln wants to reclaim Scylla simply to get his brother back, Gretchen, Self and T-Bag each have proven themselves to be far more concerned with collecting a major payday from a cash-carrying buyer. "They all have their eye on the prize," says O'Keefe. "It's every man for himself."

Gretchen, at one point, in the gripping hour makes a game-changing decision, but not for any of the reasons suggested above. Rather, she adjusts the aim of her gun with a possible reunion with loved ones in mind. "That's where double crosses are going to stem from this time," shares O'Keefe. "It's not about wanting to get ahead or wanting a ton of money. It's become all about her sister and daughter."

While Gretchen has proven herself most apt with a pistol, watch for her to also use her womanly wiles to warm up to Lincoln. Teasing the sexually charged scene, O'Keefe says her bad girl "gives it her best effort, like, 'Please buy this! Please!' She's trying to get everyone on Team Gretchen.

"But yes," the actress allows, "she's probably horny also."

source: TVguide

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