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Episode 4.24 - Free - Casting Call
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This episode will film between the 4the and 13th March.

[CRAIG SNEE] Mid 30s. This thrill-seeking charter pilot, "a swamp rat with a swaggery attitude" and a drug-running past, is an acquaintance of Mahone's who agrees to do a drop...GUEST STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (13)

[PATROL GUARD] Male, 30s to 40s. At the women's prison, this gruff, imposing patrol guard catches Gretchen in the chapel and demands to know if she's alone.sptv050769..LARGE CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (36)

[SHU C.O.] A tough, female corrections officer in her 30s to 40s, at the women's prison, she tells Daddy that one of her family members has been killed...LARGE CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (11)

[YARD C.O.] Male, in his 30s to 40s, in the prison yard, this C.O. wonders where some prisoners have gone...CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (31)

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