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Thanks to PBelite for heads up.

DeaTea: The_Man i was wondering if we are going to see her in the flash forward or are we going to see only sucre?
You will not see Maricruz, only Sucre and his daughter. He is with maricruz, they probably just decided to film it without her
BowMaster: the man
i read that in the next episodes Michael must choose between saving either Sara or Lincoln.
so will michael really choose to save one of them or will he save them both?
and if he choose between them who will be the one that he choose?

he is faced with having to save on or the other, but with Mahones help they come up with a plan to attempt to save both
-Laufas-: Will we see Fox River again?
there is someone who ends up in Fox River at the end of eps 22.

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