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Prison Break - Season 4 DVD - Official Press Release
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Thanks to Nik for the heads up.



Witness The Final Riveting Season Of The Serial Drama, Escaping Onto DVD
For The Last Time June 2 From Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Six-Disc DVD Set Puts The People's Choice Award-Winning Series Behind Bars

CENTURY CITY, Calif. - Experience the compelling, action-packed final chapter of the greatest escape on television as "Prison Break" Season Four is on the loose on DVD June 2 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. This suspenseful final installment finds brothers Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller; The Human Stain, Underworld) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell; Blade: Trinity, Mission: Impossible 2) freed from the ruthless Panamanian prison and determined to seek justice against The Company - a corrupt organization responsible for destroying their lives. Learning that the only way they will truly be free is to take them down, Scofield and Burrows enlist the help of former fellow inmates "T-Bag" (Robert Knepper; Hostage), Fernando Sucre (Amaury Nolasco; Transformers) and corrupt FBI agent Alexander Mahone (William Fitchner; Invasion) to pull off their most difficult challenge yet; breaking into The Company to steal the "black book." "...one of TV's guiltiest pleasures" (Variety), "Prison Break" has been nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe awards and has garnered a People's Choice Award in 2006 for Favorite New Television drama.

Featuring all 20 nail-biting full-hour episodes on a six-disc DVD set, "Prison Break" Season Four includes cast and crew commentaries, unseen footage and a preview of the upcoming direct-to-DVD "Prison Break" movie and will be available for the suggested retail price of $49.98 U.S./ $89.98 Canada.

After engineering an escape from the hellish Panamanian prison Sona, brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows are determined to seek justice against The Company, the shadowy group responsible for destroying their lives and killing the woman Michael loves, Dr. Sara Tancredi. During their quest for vengeance, Michael's world is turned upside down when he learns that Sara is still alive. Realizing the only way they will truly be free, Michael and Lincoln avenge to find Sara and take down The Company. With the help of a government handler, they assemble a group of allies and familiar faces including Mahone, Sucre and Bellick to aid in their seemingly impossible task. Unfortunately for the brothers, they must also enlist T-Bag, who unknowingly possesses a vital clue to help them pull off their most difficult challenge yet. They'll soon discover the only thing harder than breaking out is breaking in. The ending with shock you!!

DVD Specs:
"Prison Break" Season Four DVD is presented in full screen with English 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. The following episodes and special features are exclusive to each disc:

* Disc 1
o "Scylla & Breaking and Entering"
+ Commentary by Zack Estrin, Kevin Hooks, Matt Olmstead, Nick Santora and Karyn Usher
o "Shut Down"
o "Eagles and Angels"

* Disc 2
o "Safe and Sound"
o "Blow Out"
+ Commentary by Seth Hoffman, Graham Roland, Christian Trokey and Kalinda Vazquez
o "Five the Hard Way"
o "The Price"

* Disc 3
o "Greatness Achieved"
+ Commentary by Seth Hoffman, Nick Santora, Christian Trokey and Agatha Warren
o "The Legend"
o "Quiet Riot"
+ Commentary by Seth Hoffman, Nick Santora, Karyn Usher, Kalinda Vazquez and Nick Wootton
o "Selfless"

* Disc 4
o "Deal or No Deal"
o "Just Business"
+ Commentary by William Fitchner, Mark Helfrich, Matt Olmstead and Graham Roland
o "Going Under"
+ Commentary by Zack Estrin, Matt Olmstead, Dawn Olmstead and Karyn Usher
o "The Sunshine State"
+ Commentary by Seth Hoffman, Kevin Hooks, Matt Olmstead and Nick Wootton

* Disc 5
o "The Mother Lode"
o "VS"
o "S.O.B."
+ Commentary by Garry A. Brown, Dominic Purcell, Karyn Usher and Kalinda Vazquez
o "Cowboys and Indians"
+ Commentary by Zack Estrin, Nick Santora, Agatha Warren and Nick Wootton

* Disc 6
o "Rates of Exchange"
o "Killing Your Number"
o Special Features:
+ "Fade to Black: The Final Episode"
+ Director's World

Source: TVShowOnDVD

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