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Episode 4.19 - S.O.B. - Preview from Buddy.tv
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There will be a confrontation. It's got to happen, of course, and if you've been keeping track--and I trust that you are, obviously--then you should've expected that it's T-Bag (Robert Knepper) who will ultimately break and tell everything that needs to be told to the General (Leon Russom). He's the deviator. He's the exasperated guy who gets taken in but never gets to do anything much, perhaps apart from making a fool of himself ("save the elephants!"). And, in what I'm guessing is another attempt at greatness, this.

So how exactly will his admission that Christina (Kathleen Quinlan) does hold Scylla shape the remaining episodes of Prison Break up? Splinters, splinters. I'm guessing T-Bag will go the way of the Company--admit it, it's bound to happen!--and that Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and Mahone (William Fichtner) will ultimately side with Michael (Wentworth Miller). It won't be easy, though. Mother's still out to do things her way, and I guess that means leaking the technology Scylla holds to the world, and perhaps killing people along the way.

But that'll take a while, I assume. Sandinsky's on his way out, not after the (annoying, but required) lack of insight from Linc's group, and that should set up a pretty good confrontation. And then there's Christina herself; her coming out has shaken the brothers, and there's obviously a lot more to learn about the natures of their past, and all that.

Expect just that. On tonight's Prison Break, Michael reunites with Christina again, and it won't be any easy--after all, mother's got something big to reveal about son. Err, Lincoln, I mean. And she's up to too many things, it seems--her plan to kill is still on the loose, and Linc's out to defuse just that. But I smell trouble, as always. It airs tonight from 8pm on Fox. The photos are right below--and, if you're itching to see everything, we've posted the photos from the other remaining episodes, too. Must be easy to find.

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